Windows Update Stuck? Here is How to Fix It

We are sure this has happened to many of us using a Windows computer. You are in the middle of updating your Windows when all of a sudden, it gets stuck. It does not go forward, nor are you able to skip it. This is a very common and frustrating issue that makes you feel your computer has become useless, and you may even feel like throwing it away. However, this is a solvable problem. Is your Windows update stuck too? Then read this post to learn the causes behind it and how you can fix it.

Is Windows 10 Update Stuck? These Can Be the Causes

Some of the common causes for your Windows update getting stuck are:

Bugs in the System

In some cases, a bug in the system can hinder the system’s performance and halt an update mid-way.

Windows Update Interrupted

If your Windows update gets interrupted for some reason, that can result in the update getting stuck. In this case, you could not exit from this update screen or do much else.

Malware or Virus

If your Windows 10 computer has any malware or virus present in it, it can cause a problem in many system functions. This included Windows updates. If your system has malware, it can likely cause your Windows update to be stuck.

Windows Update Stuck
Windows Update Stuck

How to Fix Windows 7 Stuck on Checking for Updates

In this section, we will share some methods you can follow to fix the Windows update stuck issue. Let’s check them out.

Restart Your PC

The first step is rather basic. Try to restart your computer to see if that helps. Once the PC restarts, you can try and update the Windows again. Here are the steps to do it.

Search the Error Code

When your Windows update is stuck, you generally get a dialogue box showing an error code on your screen. That error code can help you figure out precisely what the issue is and provide guidance on how to resolve it. You should copy that error code and search for it online to get information about it.

Windows 10 Update Stuck

Scan for Viruses

As mentioned in the section above, malware or any virus’s presence in the system can be a significant reason your Windows 10 update is stuck. So, it is best to use antivirus software to scan your PC for any malware. Most of these software have a premium version that lets you remove any threats once they have been identified. A little investment in your PC’s security can go a long way in protecting your expensive device.

Use Microsoft’s Troubleshooter

Windows has its troubleshooter that it offers users. You can use it whenever your system has an issue to troubleshoot the problem. This program can locate the errors and then try to resolve them automatically. Here are the steps to run the troubleshooter program –

Delete Temporary Update Files

Another possible fix is to delete all the temporary update files and then try to update Windows again. Below are the steps needed to do that –

how to fix windows 7 stuck on checking for updates
Windows Update Stuck

Launch in Safe Mode

The next step in resolving the Windows update stuck issue is to launch the Windows in safe mode. This mode allows you to launch Windows only with the basic and essential features. So, by launching Windows in safe mode, you may be able to fix this issue. 

Here are the steps to launch your PC in safe mode –

Now, when the PC will boot, it will boot in safe mode. Then, you can update your windows in this mode.

Try the System Restore Option

Windows come with a System Restore option. This option can be used to restore your windows to their previous configurations. Generally, this option is used if the system is stuck or unresponsive. Any new error can be removed by restoring the system to its previous position. Then, the Windows update can be tried again.

Full Windows Reset

If all else fails, the last thing you can do to fix the Windows update stuck issue is a complete Windows reset. This resets the windows to their default mode, removing all-new customizations and settings you made. 

Check out these steps for resetting your windows –

You can also reset the PC from the settings without using the command prompt. Here is how:

That is it. After this, your PC will reset its factory settings with all the old configurations removed.


If your Windows update is stuck, these steps will help immensely. We are confident that at least one of these troubleshooting methods will work for you. If your system is still stuck, we suggest you contact professionals that can assist you better.